Cocky youngsters, famous scholars, popular professional sports players, poets, musicians, dancers, traders, and much more.
Oooh, And ninjas, too.
They are "humanoid kittens."
Once upon a time, in a distant past when humanity finally emerged on our planet Earth, our Milky Way galaxy branched out, and parallel timelines were created. From that point forward, we, as humans, developed civilizations and acquired advanced intelligence. However, the story we are about to tell takes place in the other divergent world.
In another part of the galaxy, on a star within it, intelligent beings also formed civilizations, experienced a similar history to ours, and established nations almost identical to ours. They too advanced in fields such as science, physics, economics, and politics, just like us.
As of the year 2023, in their world, they have progressed with a slightly faster pace than us. They have already reached the Singularity and achieved a harmonious integration between AI and robots. Moreover, they have established friendly relationships and coexisted with life forms from other planets. Astonishingly, they have overcome wars, hunger, and diseases, creating a world that can genuinely be described as a utopia.
Now, it is time for us to reveal a staggering fact. The dominant intelligent beings on this star are not humans like us. They are adorable, bipedal cats with large brains, who could be considered the masters of their planet.
Creator Marie and engineer Takeshi. We were in the business of producing promotional content for companies.
"It would be great if we could share something from ourselves."
"Right, like a game or a short animation? No, how about something physical?"
"Yeah, why not all of them?"
That's when we came up with the idea of turning our characters into NFTs. It would be something new, where we could share the profits with the holders and bring exciting projects to life.
That's how the development of character and technical began.
We need a composer! Yes, we definitely need that for the pre-release PR video. So, we decided to bring in our friend Nobuki to join us. He creates music using computers.
We formed a team, and the excitement just keeps growing.
Takeshi Wada
Marie Nishiwaki
Nobuki Kimishima